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The peculiar ideology known as Indian Secularism and other topics

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Impact of Secularism and the Great Indian debate on Secularism, Hindutva and Communalism


K. P. Gill states bluntly: "Much of the `secular' discourse in India has been based on a `politically correct' refusal to confront the nature of religious communities and institutions, and their past and present activities, and on the fiction that `all religions are equal'... but it cannot even begin to address the sources of historical conflagrations. The truth is, unless communities acknowledge reality warts and all and recognize the transgressions of their own history within a constructive context, no real solution to the issues of communal polarization and violence in India can be brought about''.

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Perverse Secularism and India's Future

The definition of Secular



 The Societal Stockholm Syndrome

interview with Dr.Koenraad Elst

"Hindutva may be defined as the nationalistic movement that insists that the
geography of India is connected to Hinduism and Hindu culture in a
fundamental way, and that every resident of India is a Hindu, regardless of
what their actual religious practices may be. In my opinion, this concept
of, for example, "Mohammadi Hindu", has some intellectual problems: it is
not the case that only foreigners were anti-Hindu. It is true that Babar, an
Afghan, was keen on massacring Hindus; but then so was Malik Kafur, a
converted Indian Hindu. There is a clash, I think, between a secular,
geographical definition and a religious definition.

Zaheera Sheikh revisited

"No secularist or even a human rights organization would embrace the cause of the victims of the Godhra train horror or their survivors because there is no percentage in espousing the cause of the majority community. The payoff in being a bleeding heart secularist is almost always quick and can take the form of both Indian rupees and petro dollars. "


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